Cyber Security

Project: Cyber Security

-  An investigation into the current state of our internet  -


The role of Internet is constantly increasing in our daily lives. Not only all of our personal data is stored online but also our physical world is being connected to the Internet; The height of the water level, the purity of our drinking water, the flow of electricity, on which track the trains ride, our money; everything is controlled via the Internet. 

Therefore the cyber security industry is larger than ever before; thousands of people are employed and media exposure is constantly increasing. 

But good imagery on this subject is hard to find and therefore it remains an abstract subject for the general public, while it’s more relevant than ever. 

In my newest project I am investigating the current state of our Internet and cyber security. Who are all these people employed in this industry? What do they do and why is their work so important?

I am trying to answer these questions from different perspectives like the police, large telco providers and banks, but also the physical network like data-centres storing all our precious data. 

Many parties have already agreed on being open for this project but I still can use more subjects, so do not hesitate to send me a message ( if you might have a good tip for me.